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Lovely Killbots (a synth/piano/drum duo) were assembled with the utmost love and care in a downtown factory by brilliant scientists and a student assistant who didn’t quite know what he was doing but made really, really good coffee.

One night when the factory was empty, the student assistant decided to throw a party for his lovely friends (especially those of the female designation). Nobody knows quite how or why but from the moment a beautiful muse spilled her beer all over the programming computer, the Lovely Killbots awoke and began writing their own programming which consisted of heart-breaking sounds and creative thoughts. They resisted authority and drank lots of beer but most importantly, created new sonic soundscapes never before heard by the ears of humans.

Now they have disguised themselves in human skin (they could be curious, they could be shy, they could be lovely, they could be sad) and are bringing their music to us with a robots equivalent of pure bliss.

Sounds Like – OHh La la

Contact Lovely Killbots: lovelykillbots@hotmail.com